Year of Mercy




JUBILEE YEAR OF MERCY – POPE FRANCIS’ WORDS “Mercy is the foundation of the Church’s life. The Church’s very credibility is seen in how she shows merciful and compassionate love.”

Visiting the Cathedral Holy Door and gaining the Jubilee of Mercy Plenary Indulgence

The pilgrimage to the Holy Door during this Jubilee of Mercy is about knowing deeply God’s forgiveness and care and responding to Jesus’ instruction to His disciples – be merciful as your Father is merciful (Lk 6:36). To answer the call to renewal and to a fruitful lifestyle of mercy, Pope Francis has made a Plenary Indulgence available to you. To receive the Indulgence, the gift of God’s grace, proceed as follows;

X Cross the threshold of the Holy Door conscious that you are being met by the Father who is merciful, resolving to becoming more merciful yourself.

X Within 7 days participate fully in the sacrament of Reconciliation, making a sincere confession, confident that your sin has been completely wiped away and participate fully in the celebration of the Eucharist.

X Be merciful like the Father through the Spiritual and Corporal acts of Mercy as often as you can – more information on this will follow.

X Pray for the Pope’s intentions; Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory be

The Door of Mercy in our Cathedral remains open until November – don’t let this opportunity pass you by.