The purpose of the Fr. Flanagan Prayer Group is to promote the opening of the cause of Fr. Flanagan of Boystown towards sainthood. For further information please contact Fr. Alan Conway, 9162012. Fr. Flanagan quote: “The work will continue whether I am there or not, because it is God’s work, not mine.” Please click here for more information on Fr. Flanagan.



Saint Michael’s Family Life Centre at Church Hill, opened its doors as a Family Life Centre in September 1995. Its aim is to respond to the needs of families in Sligo Town and surrounding areas. The Centre provides opportunities to not only nourish us spiritually, but following the Catholic Social Teaching, sees the individual as a whole and so caters for the emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs of the human person. Every week hundreds of people attend programmes which support and enrich family life. One of the most important areas is that of parenting. Mothers and fathers support each other and learn better skills. A wide range of personal development seminars are available in areas such as self-esteem, communication skills and stress management. The centre also provides a place of welcome, support and listening, at times of separation and death, through the Beginning Experience for adults, and Rainbows for children. Spirituality is an important dimension of family life, so many different prayer experiences are on offer in this place of quiet and stillness. For a full list of courses on offer at the centre please phone 9170329.