Live Streaming


The camera/s installed inside our Cathedral facilitates livestreaming of masses and ceremonies from this church. The default focus of the camera in the main part of the Cathedral is on the Altar.

Livestreaming allows people in hospitals or are homebound, people in nursing homes or those living abroad to watch live masses, other
celebrations or services and, thereby facilitating parishioners to stay connected with this parish and with their families and friends through these services. 

Church Services TV (CSTV) provides the livestreaming and recording of services. Recordings are requested only by the parish administrators.

Livestreaming is 24/7 and not all livestreaming is recorded.
No images are stored if a recording has not been requested.

If services are recorded, the footage will be held securely for 30 days or otherwise as requested by the parish administrator. All recordings are stored on a secure server within the European Economic Area (EEA). Notices of recordings due to take place can be viewed daily here: (recordings are displayed in red in the schedule) or please contact this parish for more details.

Livestreaming and recordings can be watched from both websites  or

Public recordings can be viewed or downloaded from:  

For further enquiries related to the services provided by CSTV please contact: or visit