Pastoral Council Minutes




 on THURSDAY 9th JULY 2020


Fr. Declan Boyce                  Pauline Cushman

Margaret Prior                     Grainne Kelly

Maire Finan                          Dermot Layden

Ronan Hegarty                    Sr. Elvira Rosel

Apologies:       Crispin Andaya, Fr. Glenn Alipoyo, Donal Lyons, Francis Cadden, Fr. Victor Samugana

  1. Special review regarding opening of Sligo Cathedral.

The initial response of parishioners has been careful and measured. Parishioners’ response have been very positive; they have been greatly impressed with the Cathedral’s implementation of the COVID-19 guidelines.

Mass times will continue as is for August. Another review will be done in September.

Only one offering can be made at any one Memorial Mass.

Communion of the sick has gone well; attendance has been good.

Confirmations and Communions are to take place in September.

Confirmations will take place in the first half of September.

Communions will take place in the second half of September.

Baptisms have also begun.

There has been a very large response to Confessions in July.

Compliments were expressed on behalf of the members of the PPC to Frs. Declan, Victor and Glenn and also to Sister Elvira to thank them and everyone who has contributed their time and effort to implement the COVID-19 guidelines to enable the reopening of the Cathedral in a safe and successful way.


  1. AOB: Another review will be discussed at September’s meeting.


Next P.P.C. meeting will be confirmed closer to September.



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Ronan Hegarty, Secretary                                                         Grainne Kelly, Chairperson





on THURSDAY 18th JUNE 2020



Fr. Declan Boyce           Fr. Victor Samugana     Fr. Glenn Alipoyo

Margaret Prior               Grainne Kelly                Donal Lyons

Maire Finan                   Dermot Layden              Pauline Cushman

Ronan Hegarty              Francis Cadden              Sr. Elvira Rosel

Kieran Maughan


Apologies:            Crispin Andaya


  1. Special meeting regarding opening of Sligo Cathedral.

It was confirmed that there is dispensation for Sunday Mass obligation whereby you can attend Mass on any day and this counts as your Sunday Mass obligation; “your Wednesday could be your Sunday.”

Weekday and Saturday Mass times are now 10:30am and 7pm.

Sunday Mass times are now 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm and 7pm.


The new capacity for Sligo Cathedral is approximately 150 people.


Baptisms are beginning on Saturday 11th July at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm and are continuing on Sunday 12th July at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. This will continue for the month of July and then reviewed.


Confessions will begin on Saturday 4th July 2pm to 4pm. There will be four priests on duty and continuing at this time every Saturday.


With regard to parishioners attending Mass:

Parishioners will be greeted at main door. There will be 3 entrances and exits. Parishioners will be directed where to sit.

The central pews beginning from the front, at the altar will be filled first along with the transepts.

After these are filled the side pews will be filled beginning from the main entrance.


There will be screens for Eucharistic ministers when distributing Holy Communion.

There will be catechetics for carer Eucharistic ministers who are distributing Holy Communion to their cocooning loved ones beginning on Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July at 8:30pm.  Monday 13th July, Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th July at 8:30pm. Third week, Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd July at 8:30pm.

Each carer Eucharistic minister will be given a pyx. There are 200 pyxides available.


There will be no altar servers.

There will be two Eucharistic ministers for each Mass.

There will be one reader for each Mass, for the week Monday to Saturday on a rota basis.

Sunday reader will be on a rota basis.


There will be one hospitality person greeting parishioners at the main entrance. They will use a small screen.

One washable, reusable mask will be issued to stewards. There will be four stewards for each Mass.


After each Mass Sligo Cathedral will be sanitised. The sacristan will sanitise Sligo Cathedral after every Mass Monday to Saturday. Stewards will be asked to assist sanitising Sligo Cathedral at Sunday Masses.


  1. A.O.B.: A review of how the first week of opening Sligo Cathedral will be discussed at the next special reopening meeting.


NEXT P.P.C. MEETING WILL BE ON 02/07/20 AT 7:30pm Sligo Cathedral.



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Ronan Hegarty, Secretary                                      Grainne Kelly, Chairperson









Fr. Declan Boyce                    Fr. Glenn Alipoyo                   Deacon John Mahony

Sr. Elvira                                 Maire Finan                             Pauline Cushman

Francis Cadden                       Margaret Prior                         Crispin Andaya

Dermot Layden                       Donal Lyons



Fr. Victor Samugana               Ronan Hegarty                        Grainne Kelly


  1. The Minutes were read, and proposed by Margaret Prior and seconded by Maire Finan.


  1. Matters Arising:

The post of Caretaker of the Gillooly Hall has been filled.

Reflection around the Crib was poorly attended; Fr. Declan wondered if there is any point in having projects for Advent? It was decided that preparation should start in October and the date and time of the Reflection should be printed on the slip of paper containing the Crib Character which people can take in preparation.

Cathedral Clean-up: Traditional methods of advertising like the Newsletter and Announcements don’t work: a better response was achieved by inviting the various groups of the Parish; but the invitation must state ‘for you and your group’.

Catholic Schools Week: There was a poor attendance by the Boards of Management at the tea at the end; the venue may be changed to the Upper Room in the Cathedral to avoid having to cross the road to the Gillooly Hall.

Feast of the Presentation: the tea was well-attended and the Sisters of the Presentation were thanked for all their hard work.


  1. Report from Cluster:

St. Anne’s Alpha Programme concluded, and will be re-launched in 2 years. Anniversary Celebrations are on-going at St Patrick’s Church, Strandhill, involving the school, a commemorative tile, launch of a Prayer Group, postcards, and burial of a Time Capsule behind the altar.

Colette Furlong reported on the usefulness of the Momentum Conference with helpful workshops on Fear, Identity and Pain. The ‘New Wine’ activity and the Festival of Faith were discussed.

12/02/20:  Blessing of the New Part of Sligo Cemetery

13/02/20:  Dementia Choir launched

03/03/20:  Next Cluster Meeting

19/03/20:  First Confessions in the Cathedral

02/04/20:  First Confessions in St. Anne’s

06/04/20:  Reconciliation Service in the Friary


Following this Cluster Report, there was a discussion on people suffering from Dementia, and the beneficial effect of music.


  1. Lent:

26/02/20:  the Hunger Lunch will again be sponsored by O’Hehir’s; attendance is dropping.

28/02/20:  commencement of the Stations of the Cross for Busy People, from 6pm to 6.15pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 1 P.P.C. member to lead each evening:

Rota for the Stations: Monday – Margaret Prior

                                         Wednesday – Sr. Elvira

                                         Friday – Francis Cadden – START WITH THE ANGELUS.


The routine Stations will be held as usual after 10.30am Mass on every Friday.


Dermot Layden, Dr. Francis Cousins, Fr. Matthew and Fr. Pat Lombard urge attendance at the Scripture-Sharing Groups on 6 Thursdays from 7.30pm to 8.45pm during Lent from 27/02/20 to 02/04/20. The venue has not yet been finalised. Carraroe, St. Joseph’s / Calry, the Friary, Strandhill and Rosses Point Parishes.


  1. Lough Derg Experience:

Instead of an all-night event, this will be held from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 8pm. It will start on 30/03/20 to facilitate schools before the Easter break – the schools will be invited for 1 morning.

The Blessed Sacrament will not be exposed this year. Background music will help us experience the Lough Derg Stations.


  1. Gathering of Apostolic Bodies:

09/05/20 – Justin Harkin advises to make it a celebration of our Parish rather than an examination of the Parish. The P.P.C. members will be required from 9am to 2pm; Fr. Declan and Justin will decide the programme. It entails a 10-15 minute presentation by each Parish Group, so all can learn what each body does, with bonding and learning over the subsequent dinner.


  1. Environment:

Work is progressing slowly. Aluminium vs plastic bases for votive candles – Fr Declan is concerned at the flimsiness of the light aluminium with regard to possible burns to people from hot wax. Also, the site of manufacture needs to be researched.


  1. Dermot Layden urged all to google “Catechism with Fr. Neil”, with the Apple podcast recommended by Justin Harkin.


  1. Child Protection:

Fr. Declan is to invite the Officers to give their report at a P.P.C. Meeting.


  1. Dates for Diary:

19/03/20 – First Confession: defer giving the gift to the children to Easter Sunday 10.30am Mass, which they now have to attend, and when parents are present. It will be a gift suitable for all.

28/03/20 – Mother’s Day: at the next P.P.C. meeting a rota for distribution of the gift to mothers will be drawn up.


  1. A.O.B.:

Margaret Prior requested a vote on enquiring from the H.S.E. re continuation of the Sign of Peace at Mass, in view of the Corona Virus spread. However, the most important thing is frequent hand washing. The topic will be on the Agenda of the next meeting.


  1. Next Meeting: 12/03/20.


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Pauline Cushman, Acting Secretary                               Francis Cadden, Acting Chairperson.