Pastoral Council Minutes





Francie Cadden                       Maire Finan                            Pauline Cushman

Sr Elvira Rosel                         Grainne Kelly                          Crispin Andaya

Fr Declan Boyce                      Margaret Prior



Fr Yashin Jos




  1. Minutes: The Minutes of the previous meeting of 10/05/18 were read, proposed by Anthony Ruddy and seconded by Crispin Andaya.


  1. Matters Arising: Since the last PPC Meeting, it has been announced that Pope Francis will be in Knock Shrine briefly on the morning of Sunday 26/08/18, prior to saying Mass at 3pm in Phoenix Park, Dublin.  Everyone present voted to arrange a Group Ticket and bus for 50 from the Cathedral.  Ticket booking will be available from 25/06/18.  Dermot Layden was appointed to arrange both via Sheena in St Mary’s and Feehily’s/Furey’s Bus Company.



  1. Bishop Christy Jones’s Funeral: Heartfelt thanks were expressed to all who helped at this sad occasion.  Fr Declan distributed the individual little gold cross and card that will be given to everyone who helped out.  May he rest in peace.


  1. World Meeting of Families 2018: Fr Yashin, who this Sub-Committee, is on holidays.  The Banner has arrived and the Tree is coming in the first week of July; it is 16 feet tall.


  1. Corpus Christi: The route was altered a second time to accommodate a funeral.  Thanks to all who assisted.


  1. Cemetery Sunday in Sligo: There was a large attendance at the Mass said by Fr Declan.


  1. Icon of the WMOF2018: The Icon arrived and Colette Furlong’s Reading of the Icon was much appreciated.


  1. Report from the Cluster: This was given by Grainne Kelly, who reported that the Corpus Christi Procession, led by Fr Victor, was a great success; likewise the Cemetery Mass and visit of the WMOF Icon. On 29/07/18 Ocean FM Radio will broadcast the Walk to the Holy Well.  The Children’s Choir will sing at Sunday Mass on the second Sunday of every month from September 2018.  In 2019 there will be a Festival based on the legacy of the WMOF.  In the Autumn, there will be an Outreach to couples who may wish to sacramentalize their civil marriages, possibly in a group.  It will comprise an Information Evening – an ACCORD course evening – and the Sacrament of Marriage.  Dermot Layden suggested the invitation also be extended to couples living together.


  1. Cathedral Grounds Clean-Up: This was a success and thanks were extended to those who participated.


  1. Father’s Day: The Rota for distributing Father’s Day Gifts at Mass on 16/06/18 is:

7.30pm Mass: Francie Cadden

8.30am Mass: Grainne Kelly and Maire Finan

10.30 Mass:     Sister Elvira and colleague

12.00 Mass;     Dermot Layden and Pauline Cushman.

7.00pm Mass: Anthony Ruddy.


  1. Launch of the Cathedral Refurbishment Fund: 8pm on 02/07/18, Gillooly Hall.     The PPC will attend at 7.30pm to organise teas.
  2. AOB: i) Dermot Layden’s Letter re Abortion:          This was very good but there has been no response from Politicians.          ii)Referendum on Repeal of the 8th Amendment:     The morality of voting yes was discussed by Grainne Kelly and Fr Declan.  Fr Declan stated that voting Yes meant de-humanising the unborn baby, saying it is not a person.           There are always two patients in pregnancy.  Maire Finan’s comment that one should always vote with an informed conscience was upheld.

          iii)       Justin Harkin’s email: a) WMOF2018: See website for details.  The Diocesan Delegate Sheena Darcy will advise via the clergy on papal events booking.

b) Elphin Diocese Parish Development & Renewal Gathering 2018: Saturday 13/10/18 in Boyle, focussing on faith development and youth evangelisation and promising to be very participatory for parish representatives.

c) Outreach to adults living in Nursing Homes and other Residential Care settings:

2 mid-September information evenings in Sligo and Roscommon, re a short morning prayer service in such facilities, and introducing a booklet of support.  For Clergy, PPC members, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist and Nursing Home personnel.  Dates and details later.  Sligo Town is well-catered for in this regard, with Chaplains.

d) Diocesan pilgrimage to Lough Derg, Friday June 22 to Sunday June 24: details and bus option on website or people can phone Justin at 087 6171526.

e) Supporting parents to hand on the Faith:  programme for parents of children for First Confession and First Holy Communion called The Bridge Sessions – Enabling Parents Share Faith with Their Children, pioneered by 4 parishes the past year.

f) Offer of Assistance: Justin is available to help projects during the next school year.  He is also looking for Volunteers to help.


  1. Tonight’s meeting was early at 7pm to allow for a beautiful meal provided for the PPC by Fr Declan and Fr Victor.           It was lovely and many thanks for this.


  1. Next meeting: Thursday September 13, 2018, at 8pm.




Pauline Cushman, Secretary





Francie Cadden, Chairperson.


Diocese of Elphin
Annual Parish Development & Renewal Gathering
in conjunction with Elphin Youth Ministry

St. Joseph’s Hall, Marian Rd., Boyle, Co. Roscommon.
9.30 – 4 pm, Saturday 13th October 2018


Quo Vadis?
Faith Development and Evangelisation of Youth
and Young Adults in our Homes, Schools and Parishes

Programme outline

  1. Painting the Landscape
      Session Coordinator:  Deacon Frank McGuinness
                                                     Diocesan Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
                *  Belief and Practice among our young people today
                *  Opportunities/Challenges
  2. Home – Parents as the First Teachers
    Session Coordinator:  Bishop Kevin Doran
                *  Bishops Pastoral – Handing on the Faith in the Home
    Sacrament of Baptism – Do you clearly understand what you are
  3. School – A Changing Landscape
    Session Coordinator:  Rev. Dr. Michael Duignan,
                                                    Elphin Diocesan Episcopal Vicar for Education
                *  Post-Primary – Religious Education / Ethos / Chaplaincy
                *  Opportunities/Challenges
  4. Parish/Diocese – A Place of Maintenance or Mission?
    Session Coordinator:  Deacon Frank McGuinness
                *  Youth Ministry Strategy – Faith Formation/Catechesis/Evangelisation
                *  Investing in the Future – Resources/Personnel/Programmes
                *  Opportunities/Challenges
  5. Young People Share Their Experience






Francie Cadden                       Maire Finan                            Pauline Cushman

Sr Elvira Rosel                         Fr Yashin Jos                            Grainne Kelly             

Fr Declan Boyce                      Margaret Prior

Dermot Layden                       Anthony Ruddy



Fr Victor Samugana                Crispin Andaya




  1. Minutes – the Minutes of the previous meeting were read.

They were proposed by Dermot Layden and seconded by Sr Elvira.


  1. Matters Arising – a) Trocaire Collelctions: The Clothes Collelction resulted in E500, the usual Trocaire Collection in excess of E3000, and the Hunger Lunch was also substantial.   b) Family Fun Day Picnic: There were over 450 cars and Dermot reported that the weather was good.  The recent Polish Picnic in the Peace Park also had great weather.


  1. Report of the Sub-Committee of the World Meeting of Families 2018: a) The most recent Meeting was on 3/5/18, with 10 members attending.

On 28/4/18, Fr Michael Duignan, Diocesan Secretary and usual MC, Fr Yashin and Charles O’Connor attended the Liturgy Workshop in Athlone, where the WMOF Opening Liturgy was elucidated, based on the Evening Prayer of the Church. The plan for our Diocese in this regard will be sent to Bishop Kevin.

b) WMOF Icon:

On 22/5/18, on the arrival of the WMOF Icon of the Holy Family in the Cathedral, Bishop Kevin will lead an Ecumenical Prayer Service based on the theme ‘One Family in Christ’ at 7pm.  The Icon will be on display for 3 days, after Masses.

On 23/5/18, Catechist Colette Furlong will “read” the Icon at 7pm; there will be a Children’s Corner where they can colour, to encourage the attendance of families.

On 24/5/18, Barbara Cahill of the ‘Irish Catholic’ newspaper and Catechist for Raphoe Diocese, will talk on Family Matters at 7pm.  Again there will be a Children’s Corner.

On 25/5/18,immediately following the Gael Scoil Confirmation Mass, at 1.30pm the Icon will depart for Summerhill College.

The Icon will be in St Patrick’s Church, Castlerea from 25/5/18 to 28/5/18, and in The Immaculate Conception Church, Strokestown from 28/5 18 to 1/6/18.

c) Families, including those of the PPC, are invited to volunteer to bring up the Gifts at 12 Noon Mass on Sundays.

d) WMOF Tickets:        A flyer detailing instructions for Online Registration will be included in the Parish Newsletter.

5 day Ticket, 22 – 26/8/18:   

Online Registration E68

On the day Registration E78.

This provides attendance at the 3 day Congress plus guaranteed ticket for the Festival of Families plus Ticket for the Final Mass.


1 day Adult Ticket:

Online Registration:  E38

On the Day Registration:  E43.

This provides single day attendance at the Congress plus the option of Festival of Families Ticket, subject to availability at time of booking, plus a guaranteed Ticket for the Final Mass.


Tickets for Papal Events are free of charge, as is usually the case.


The Festival of Families in Croke Park on 25/8/18 is a celebration of Family Life worldwide, with music, dance and Family Testimonies on their Faith.  Tickets are free, mandatory for each person, and limited subject to venue capacity and availability.


Pope Francis will attend the Festival of Families. 


Pope Francis will be Chief Celebrant of the Final Mass in Phoenix Park on 26/8/18 at 3pm.  Tickets will be free and mandatory for each person.

Online booking of tickets will be available probably in June.

Be prepared for a 3 – 5km walk.


More Volunteers are needed – there are 2500 so far.

e) The WMOF Outdoor banner for the Cathedral railings has arrived.

f) It was decided against screening the Concluding Ceremonies on a large screen in Sligo IT, as all have been exhorted to attend the event in Dublin, people unable to travel will probably want to watch it on TV in their own homes, and most priests of the Cluster will be in Dublin for the WMOF.

g) Regarding a bus from Sligo for the Papal Mass on 26/8/18, Dermot has emailed the organisers to ascertain at what time we would have to leave Sligo. A reply is awaited.


  1. Report from the Cluster/new route for Corpus Christi Procession:

a) The Corpus Christi Procession clashes with the Stephen St Parking Lot Music Festival. So, Fr Pat Lombard and the Gardai ascertained the safest route, which is:

From the Cathedral to the Friary, where Benediction will occur, and back to the Cathedral.

The aim is to keep it simple and safe.

b) Cemetery Sunday:

Sligo Cemetery:                        10/6/18

Scarden Cemetery:                   1/7/18 – Mass at 3pm;  this is arranged by Strandhill Parish.

c) Next Cluster Meeting 5/6/18: the Cathedral Parish will lead the Prayer, and provisionally Margaret Prior will officiate.


  1. PPC Action:  a) Plastic bottle recycling: Grainne was unable to access any information on this.  Fr Declan said it was worthwhile doing it for free but logistics are difficult – placing a bin in the Cathedral grounds would attract rubbish dumping.  The plastic candle holders are not re-usable, they must be put out for re-cycling.  Francie said some supermarkets accept return of packaging after purchase.

b) Clean-up of the Cathedral Grounds: Bring gardening instruments.  Francie is to get plants.  Grainne suggested planting daffodils in October at the sides of the Cathedral steps in John St.


  1. Launch of the Cathedral Refurbishment Fund:

This will occur on Monday 21/5/18 at 8 pm, and the PPC will greet and serve the refreshments.

However, Fr Declan re-asserted that the focus of the PPC is pastoral care of the people, and the Refurbishment Fund is the responsibility of the Finance Committee.

Christopher Southgate, National Engineer, will elucidate the refurbishment process on the night:  it will cost E2,000,000.  This comprises  one to one point two million to seal exterior dampness (with the possibility of Grant Aid), E200,000 to E300,000 for painting the damp-damaged interior, toilets and sound system bring it up to E2,000,000.  Organ restoration may cost E450,000 based on previous work.

The areas already refurbished have been successful.   All the work is essential and unavoidable, Fr Declan asserted during discussion of its appropriateness.


  1. Father’s Day: Fr Declan welcomed suggestions for gifts to be distributed at Masses, at a cost of 50c each.


  1. AOB:


Dermot volunteered, with his granddaughter, to bring up the gifts at 12 Noon Mass 24/06/18.


Dermot is also providing free of charge, 10 copies of each of his most recent books to all 26 Diocese with a covering letter.  They can also be read online.  He gave a copy of each to each PPC member.  They are:  “In Defence of God, Jesus Christ and His Church.  An Evidence-Based Approach”  and “Making Faith Practice Exciting and Liberating”.


Maire Finan brought to our attention an article on Pope Francis in a recent edition of The Tablet, reminding us that every action of your day can be made spiritual.


  1. Next Meeting: Please note this will be at 7pm on 14/6/18, and will be short and accompanied by a barbecue, weather permitting.



————————————————————–                         ———————————————————–

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                                                             Francie Cadden, Chairperson.







Francie Cadden                       Maire Finan                            Pauline Cushman

Sr Elvira Rosel                         Fr Yashin Jos                            Grainne Kelly             

Donal Lyons                             Fr Declan Boyce                      Margaret Prior

Fr Victor Samugana                Dermot Layden




  1. Minutes – the Minutes of the previous meeting were read.

They were proposed by Maire Finan and seconded by Margaret Prior.


  1. Matters Arising – a) Trocaire Collection:

Over 400 bags of second-hand clothing have been donated.

Several PPC members, including Fr Declan, Dermot Layden, Francie Cadden, Maire Finan, Grainne Kelly and Pauline Cushman, volunteered to sort and roughly weigh the contents on Friday 20/04/18 from 7 – 9pm, and on Saturday 21/04/18 from 11am to 1pm if necessary.  This activity will take place in the ‘Boxing Room’ behind the stage in the GIllooly Hall.

b) St Paul’s Missionary Society Collection:

Fr Victor expressed deep gratitude to all for the E3,350 donated.

c) Cathedral de-cluttering:

This has been completed.

d)Contemporary Stations of the Cross by school pupils:

It was generally agreed that these were excellently done on Good Friday, accompanied by great music.

Fr Declan reported that they are to be sent to the Papal Nuncio for presentation to Pope Francis before he arrives in Ireland in August.

Donal Lyons suggested that Fr Declan would convey a message of thanks to the students from the PPC.


There was a discussion on the Stations of the Cross in general, and Fr Declan asked the PPC to contemplate, over the next few months, having them outdoors, either on the footpath or inside the railings of the Cathedral, if the weather is dry.

It was agreed that the advertising displayed outside the Cathedral was appropriate.


  1. Report of the Sub-committee of the World Meeting of Families (WMOF):

 a) Opening Day for WMOF 2018:

As with all other Irish Diocese, an opening liturgy of Evening Prayer will be held on Tuesday 21/08/18 at 7pm, in the Cathedral.

A preparatory afternoon workshop for this liturgy will be held for all Irish Diocese in Athlone on Saturday 28/04/18.  Three people from each Diocese will attend, and Bishop Kevin has appointed Fr Yashin along with two others from our Diocese.

b) Personalised PVC Outdoor Banner for the Cathedral railings:

Fr Yashin circulated pictures of the available banners: a 2 meter x 90 cm landscape-layout banner has been ordered bearing the name of the Cathedral.

c) WMOF 2018 Programme:

A selection of the speakers announced so far was provided:


H.E. Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, SDB

Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar.  He is a Major Panel Moderator, speaking on:

Care for our Common Home: why the family matters to the future of our planet.


H.E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias

Archbishop of Bombay (Mumbai), India.  He is a Main Celebrant and Homilist on:

The Church as a Family of Families.


H.E. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Archbishop of Manila, Philippines.  He is a Workshop Speaker on:

Choose Life:  Pope Francis on the ‘throw-away- culture.


H.E. Cardinal Joseph Tobin

Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA.  He is a Major Panel Moderator on:

When Plates Fly:  Pope Francis on the reality of love in family life.


H.E. Cardinal Peter Turkson

Prefect of the Dicastry for Integral Human Develoment.  He is a Major Panel Moderator on:

The Vocation of the Business Leader:  A Family Business Perspective.

 d) Attending the 3-day Pastoral Congress in the RDS on 22-24/08/18:

All those under age 18 will be admitted free, once accompanied by an adult.

e) Tuam Province Day at WMOF 2018:

People from each area of Ireland are encouraged to attend for at least one day of the 3-day Pastoral Congress in the RDS.  The day for the Tuam Province, which encompasses Elphin Diocese, is Thursday 23/08/18.

f) Tickets to Attend Papal Events:

As is usual for Papal events, tickets will be free of charge.  No decision has yet been made regarding ticket allocation and distribution for either of the 2 Papal events in Croke Park and Phoenix Park.  Confirmation on this is expected later in April or early in May.

The Papal Mass is provisionally scheduled for 3pm, subject to change, and 600,000 people are expected.

g) Elphin Family Picnic Day in Lough Key Forest Park, Sunday 22/04/18:

This will be from 1 to 6pm and admission is free of charge.  Fr Yashin expressed gratitude to those Sub-committee members who helped distribute flyers on this.

h) Concluding Ceremonies on the Large Screen at IT Sligo:

Fr Yashin will decide on this possibility after receiving a written proposal by 22/04/18 from Donal Lyons regarding practical considerations, and from Grainne Kelly regarding insurance.  He will then present his deliberations to the Cathedral Sub-committee for the WMOF2018 at their next meeting on 03/05/18, requesting their opinion.  He will follow formal procedures prior to arriving at a final decision.

i) Information on the WMOF2018:

Up to date information is available on which has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


It was re-iterated that Fr Yashin and the WMOF2018 Sub-committee have the authority to make all decisions regarding the event.


  1. Report from the Cluster:

The Cluster Social clashes with tonight’s PPC Meeting, so Grainne Kelly and Margaret Prior are unable to attend the Social.



  1. PPC Action: a) Plastic bottle Recycling:

Grainne will research this for the next PPC Meeting, and Donal suggested contacting Re-Pak.

b) Clean-up of the Cathedral Grounds:

This will take place at 11am on Saturday, 02/06/18 after 10.30am Mass, as a preparation for Corpus Christi which is on 03/06/18.  It will be publicised with a view to mobilising the Community to participate.  Flowers will be planted, and hanging baskets on the interior of the Cathedral railings will be organized by Francie Cadden and Fr Declan.



  1. Easter Review:

The Chrism Mass was beautiful and meaningful, and thanks were expressed to those who had to travel distances to it.

Fr Yashin expressed great satisfaction at the multi-national line-up for washing of the feet on Holy Thursday.

The attendance was small at Morning Prayer of the Church, as usual.

The Vigil in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, led by Bill Fox, was well-attended but it would be enhanced by the presence of more PPC members.

Frank Murphy, Bill Fox and Sister Catherine were especially commended for their contributions.

Fr Declan noted a change in the Liturgy for the Easter Vigil Mass, in that the Bishop sat on his throne instead of in the usual Celebrant’s chair.  It was the first time he did this.

Fr Declan said the flower arrangements at the front of the altar were designed to represent angels, and Margaret Prior felt the beautiful flower arrangements added very much to the total experience.


  1. Summer Recess of the PPC:

This will be during July and August, 2018.



  1. AOB:

Votes of Sympathy are to be sent from the PPC to Frank Caliendo on the recent untimely death of his wife Nuala,

and to Thomas Fallon on the similarly recent untimely death of his wife Nora.

Both ladies were unstinting in the generosity of their time and talents to the Cathedral.


Fr Declan read out a thank you card he had received from one of the 7 families whose babies were baptised last Sunday;

and a thank you card received by Bishop Kevin from a parishioner commending the new format of the Parish Newsletter.


Sponsorship for the new Newsletter has been good.

However, income from the Tax rebate forms for donations to the Cathedral has reduced from 160 forms to 140, equating to a deficit of E5000.  This will be addressed by the Finance Committee but all are urged to return their Tax rebate form if they have not already done so.


The recent Child Safeguarding Meeting was well-attended and Fr Yashin thanked the PPC members who were there.


Regarding Fr Declan’s Mother’s Day lapel pins, which were distributed at Masses, there has been very positive feedback.  There are 80 left, now for sale at 50 cents each.



  1. Next PPC Meeting: 10/05/18 at 8pm.


Fr Declan, Francie Cadden and Pauline Cushman will meet at 6pm on Friday 04/05/18 to set the Agenda.



______________________________            ________________________________

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                                        Francie Cadden, Chairperson.

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