Pastoral Council Minutes


MINUTES OF MEETING on 11th April 2019


Fr. Declan Boyce                    Fr. Yashin Jos                         Fr. Victor Samugana

Francie Cadden                      Margaret Prior                        Ronan Hegarty

Crispin Andaya                      Maire Finan                             Pauline Cushman

Grainne Kelly



Donal Lyons                           Sr. Elvira                             Dermot Leydon


1. The Minutes of the previous meeting of 14/03/19 were read, proposed by Margaret Prior, and seconded by Maire Finan.


2. Matters Arising:

a. Hunger Lunch: this should continue.  It was so popular, the soup ran out!

b. Stations of the Cross for Busy People: These are going very well, with 12 to 15 people attending most nights, and are to continue going forward.  Captions are to be added to the outdoor stations, which along with the banners were very remarked-on.

c. Trocaire Clothes Collection: This is on-going.

d. Random allocation to Parishioners of names of characters in the Passion of Christ for meditation during Lent: Margaret felt we will never know the benefit this project may have had.  Ronan Hegarty suggested doing it in schools and Fr Declan said this will be in schools for Advent.

e. DVD’s of the Old Testament: This is a good programme, but people are already committed to other activities at this time.  Dermot is to advise when available.

f. St. Patrick’s Purgatory: Margaret felt it had excellent organisation and lovely lay out and all agreed.  Fr Declan reported that a total of 50 people participated and 5 completed the whole thing.  He felt next year we might set it up on the Monday to run for a week in the Gillooly Hall as ‘The Lough Derg Experience’, without the all-night vigil.  He will also replace Gillooly Hall exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with a Crucifix as it is necessary for someone to be present with the Host at all times.  He felt that a part was missing – there was no time to talk with others in what was intended to be the casual session in the Gillooly Hall – i.e. the Hall quickly became as solemn as the Exposition area.  In summary: to be kept but format to be reviewed for next year.  Fr Declan will book the Hall for a week as part of the Lenten programme, and notify the Secondary Schools; the question of keeping the all-night vigil to be decided.

g. St. Paul’s Missionary Society Collection: A total of €3,710.00 was collected.

h. Easter: The PPC members will serve tea after the Chrism Mass, as many Diocesan PPC Members attend.  The Presentation of Mary Sisters will set it up.

Holy Thursday:  Fr Yashin has arranged 6 Grandparents and 6 grandchildren to have their feet washed by the Bishop.

Good Friday:  At 3pm the usual Narration of the Passion will take place.  At 8pm there will be a contemporary Stations of the Cross from the perspective of parishioners resident in some of our local nursing homes, narrated by Frank and Teresa Murphy.

Holy Saturday:  there will be Morning Prayer of the Church, and then the Easter Vigil Mass at 9pm.

Easter Sunday:  Masses as usual.

i. Cathedral Clean-up: 12/04/19.

j. Mother’s Day: The gift of one-decade rosaries with instructions on saying the rosary, was very well-received and Fr Declan read out a thank you card from someone in Strandhill.  He re-iterated that it was better to give the gift out at the Altar by the PPC members, as opposed to at the exits.  The same gift will be distributed on Father’s Day, but it will be a wooden rosary.


3. Report from Cluster:

13/4/19:  Mullaghmore retreat walk, with Colette Furlong as Narrator.

15/4/19:  Friary Cluster Penitential Service – Confession.

17/4/19:  Avalon Centre Hunger Lunch.

17/4/19:  Chrism Mass in the Cathedral.

14/5/19:  Lough Derg Cluster Pilgrimage.

23/5/19:  Cluster Social Evening.

26/5/19:  Sligo Cemetery Sunday Mass at 3pm.

  9/6/19:  Sligo Social Services 50th Anniversary Family Fun Day.

30/6/19:  Scarden Cemetery Mass

   7/7/19:  Diocesan Marriage Celebration.

                   Holy Well Garland Sunday Mass 6am, after walking from St Anne’s.

Following on the idea of Transition Year Students’ work experience within the Cluster, Mary Nicholson is to write the form for Child Protection.

A panel is to be formed to speak to secondary school children on Faith.  Fr Declan noted that Catechists and JP II students are already available.

The Day for Eucharistic Ministers on 23/3/19 was very successful, with 18 attending.

It is proposed to bring Confession to the community, in Johnston’s Court at Christmas, and to the schools as has been very successful in Ballymote.

The Stations of the Cross from the perspective of Nursing Home residents is eagerly-awaited.


4. Report from Mission Sub-committee:

This is on course; Francie is working on sponsorship and there will be a Retiring Collection at the free Liam Lawton concert.


5. A.O.B.:

A letter of condolence from the PPC has been sent to the family of the late Ray Kelly.

The PPC will adjourn for the summer during July and August.

The PPC Review with Colette Furlong will be held in October or November.


Next Meeting: Thursday 9th May 2019 at 8pm in St Mary’s.


———————————————————-                        ————————————————

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                                                     Francie Cadden, Chairperson.




MINUTES OF MEETING on 14th March 2019



Fr Declan Boyce                     Fr Victor Samugana                Fr Yashin Jos

Francis Cadden                       Ronan Hegarty                        Crispin Andaya

Margaret Prior                         Dermot Layden                       Maire Finan

Pauline Cushman



Grainne Kelly                          Dermot Layden                       Sr Elvira


  1. The Minutes of the previous meeting of 14/02/19 were read, proposed by Maire Finan and seconded by Fr Victor.


  1. Matters Arising:

Vita Forde-Monaghan has signed up for the Youth Leadership Training Course.

The position of President of the Altar Society has been replaced by two Coordinators, and two ladies have been chosen.

The PPC will write a letter to Helen Coleman, former President of the Altar Society, of thanks and acknowledgement for her service.

It is hoped that the Old Testament DVDs will have a large audience.


  1. Lent:

The Hunger Lunch raised > €600.00, which is €120 to €140 more than 2018.  Maire Finan said the soup was delicious and all agreed.

The Stations of the Cross for Busy People are going well, and thanks to Grainne Kelly for arranging the beautiful printing.

St Patrick’s Purgatory, Friday 5/4/19:  Fr Declan plans to re-create the Beds of Lough Derg in the Gillooly Hall where the initial casual session from 8pm-11pm will take place.  There will be a more formal atmosphere in the Front Room where the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed.

The sequence will be:  7pm onwards Friday, Confessions; 8am Saturday, Mass; 9am breakfast of black tea and oatcakes; then return to the Cathedral to do 3 circuits of the Stations of the Cross.  There will be 3 Leaders, for variety, including Grainne Kelly and Margaret Prior.  Ronan Hegarty suggested that people have the option to do part of it.

Clothes Collection:  this has started.

St Paul’s Missionary Society Collection:  Fr Victor is in charge of this.

Chrism Mass:  to be arranged by the Diocesan Office.

Holy Thursday 18/04/19:  In line with Pope Francis saying that grandparents are the root of the Faith, grandparents and grandchildren are to have their feet washed.  The PPC is to assist Fr Yashin to procure participants.

Good Friday:  Fr Declan and Colette Furlong met with Nursing Home residents and recorded their reflections and sharings on the Stations of the Cross.  The resulting collection was very enriching and will be used on Good Friday.  Copies printed on nice paper will be given to the Nursing Home residents.

Holy Saturday:  as usual.

Cathedral Clean-up:  7.30pm, Friday 12/04/19.


  1. Mother’s Day: Fr Declan has procured a single-decade rosary as a gift for ladies.

The Rota for distribution at Mass will be:

Saturday 30/03/19 7.30pm:     Crispin Andaya and Francie Cadden

Sunday    31/03/19 8.30am:     Grainne Kelly and PM Sister

                                  10.30am:     PM Sister and Margaret Prior

                                 12.00pm:      Maire Finan and Pauline Cushman

                                   7.00pm:      To be arranged.


  1. Report from Cluster:

Lenten Reconciliation Service in the Friary, Monday 15/04/19, 7.30pm

St Patrick’s Purgatory all-night vigil in the Cathedral from 7pm Friday 05/04/19 to

9am Saturday 06/04/19.

Hunger Lunch Gillooly Hall Ash Wednesday,

Hunger Lunch Avalon Centre Spy Wednesday.

Meeting of Sub-committee with Secondary Schools re Teachers/Chaplains.

St Patrick’s Day Mass broadcast from St Patrick’s Church Strandhill on RTE.

Eucharistic Ministers’ Day of Reflection 23/03/19 in Mullaghmore, to include lunch.

(Parishes will cover cost).

Cemetery Sunday Masses – Sligo Cemetery to be decided but Scarden Cemetery 30/06/19.

Diocesan Marriages Jubilee, St Anne’s Church, Sunday 07/07/19.

One-day Lough Derg Pilgrimage discussed.

Sligo Social Services 50th Anniversary this year.


  1. Mission Sub-Committee Report:

Fr Liam Lawton has been booked for a full concert at considerable cost; a Retiring Collection will take place on the day.


  1. AOB:

PPC members not already Garda-vetted were invited to become so.

Bishop Kevin’s online questionnaire on Priestly Formation was completed by all.

The meeting with the PPC requested by the Irish Cursilio Movement is to be deferred until after the Mission has been organized, ie to the Autumn.  Meanwhile the PPC was invited to Google ‘Cursilio’ for background information.

The Leaders of the Childrens Liturgy are delighted to attend the Knock Training Day – PPC Members were invited to look out for such programmes and bring them to PPC meetings.

Thanks were given to Fr Yashin, Fr Victor and Sr Elvira for their hard work towards the recent two Nazareth House Retreats for Readers and for Eucharistic Ministers.  These were very successful and only cost €60 in total for the 2 nights, to which Fr Declan will add some more money when paying.


  1. Next PPC Meeting: Thursday 11/04/19 at 8pm in St Mary’s.


—————————————————-       ——————————————————

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                           Francie Cadden, Chairperson



MINUTES OF MEETING on 14th February 2019



Fr. Declan Boyce                     Fr. Victor Samugana               Fr. Yashin Jos

Sr. Elvira M Rosel                   Francis Cadden                       Donal Lyons

Margaret Prior                       Dermot Layden                       Pauline Cushman



Ronan Hegarty                        Maire Finan                            Crispin Andaya

Grainne Kelly


  1. The Minutes of the previous meeting of 10/01/19 were read, proposed by Margaret Prior and seconded by Donal Lyons. Two corrections were made:  Catechism Beyond Reasonable Doubt should have read Catholicism Beyond Reasonable Doubt; and it is the Missionary Sisters of Charity, not the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, who individually meditate on a Persona chosen from the Advent story.
  2. Youth Ministry Leadership Training Course;

Vita Forde-Monaghan is very excited to have been invited to do this course.

The PPC letter has been sent to Deacon Frank McGuinness, regarding deferral of this course until the Community Catechists are in situ.

  1. Mission:

The Mission Sub-committee reported that the site may be the Gillooly Hall for most of the Mission as it favours the social aspect of tea and conversation following each session, and it has the technology.  A seven-day structure has been put in place, and efforts are on-going to decide on and recruit keynote speakers.

The consensus of opinion was that it should start on Monday 23/09/19, concluding on Sunday 29/09/19 with a Mass of Celebration offered by Bishop Kevin.

As previously noted, the topic is Care of the Environment, and Fr Declan commented that one should go for a walk, look down, and see the quantity of Unrecyclable litter.

  1. Report from Cluster:

The meeting was held on 05/02/19, and John McGowan is Chair until the Autumn.

The closure of Veritas was considered.

Thanks to Colette (Coordinator) and Bishop Kevin (Homilist), for presenting the Service of Prayer for Christian Unity in St John’s Cathedral.

The 50th Anniversary of Sligo Social Services occurs this year.

There was a report on Adult Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Sympathy was expressed to the family of Kellie Leonard, a Teacher in Summerhill College, on her recent sudden death.  May she rest in peace.

Sacramentalisation of Civil Marriages has been deferred to 2020.

There was an update on the Community Catechists Programme.

  1. Lent/Easter Review:

Ash Wednesday: 06/03/19Mass at 8am, 10.30am, 1.05pm, & 7pm and Hunger Lunch in aid of Trocaire, Gillooly Hall 11am to 2pm.

Weekday Masses 8am & 10.30am.

Stations of the Cross every Friday after 10.30am Mass.

First Friday 05/04/19 St Patrick’s Purgatory ALL NIGHT VIGIL 7pm Friday to 9am Saturday.

Sacrament of Reconciliation ALL THROUGH LENT Every Saturday 2 – 4pm & before all First Friday Masses.

Sligo Cathedral CLOTHING COLLECTION in aid of Trocaire, all through Lent.


The STATIONS OF THE CROSS FOR BUSY PEOPLE will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during Lent, from 6 to 6.15pm.

For this, Francie and Dermot are to construct a rota of Leaders, including non-PPC members, and coordinate it.

The Text will be available at the First Station, and a Youth Text will also be made available.

Fr Declan and Colette Furlong are adding another perspective – that of residents of Nursing Homes.

Also, there will be a new Devotion, enabling people to randomly choose a Persona from the Lenten story and journey with that character throughout Lent.


  1. Altar Society: A new President is being recruited due to the retirement of the current President, who did a wonderful job.
  2. Kingsbridge Hospital Chapel De-consecration: This took place on 11/02/19 and a small Prayer Room was substituted.
  3. Cathedral Baptismal Candle: Due to the recent closure of Veritas Bookshop, the Cathedral is producing its own Baptismal Candle.
  4. Old Testament Presentations: The PPC and Knights of Columbanus are collaborating on the presentation of a set of Videos on the Old Testament, on Lenten Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on 12/03/19 at 7.30pm in Columbanus House, Church Hill, Sligo (next to St Michael’s Family Life Centre). The final session will be on 11/04/19.
  5. AOB: Dermot suggested Parishioners be invited to submit suggestions for possible initiatives for the PPC to pursue – this is to be deferred to May, and we will examine the suggestions during the summer holidays.

A programme called ‘Letting Little Children Come to Me’ is to be offered as a resource to those leading the Children’s Liturgy, on 23/03/19.

It is good to see that following on from the PPC theme of the Busy People’s Stations of the Cross, the ‘busy’ idea has rippled out to other Parishes.

The Mother and Baby Group has started, with two mothers.

  1. Next Meeting: Thursday, 14/03/19 at 8pm in St Mary’s.


————————————————————         ——————————————————

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                                                  Francie Cadden, Chairperson