About Gillooly Hall

The Gillooly Hall is the Community Hall of St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish and is located directly across the road from the Cathedral.

The Hall, formerly  known as the ‘Temperance Hall’, was built in 1885 by local architect PJ Kilgallen of Abbeyville to commemorate the late Bishop of Elphin Laurence Gillooly, (1 Dec 1858  – 15 Jan 1895).

The prominent location of the Hall serves to emphasise the relationship between its intended function to reform social habits and the doctrines of the church.

The statue, centrally-located on the front elevation, represents the Bishop in the act of denunciation ‘Ireland sober is Ireland free’.

Today our recently refurbished Hall, with much improved facilities, continues to serve a vital role as community centre in the heart of our Parish. Activities range from Boxing Club to Flower Arranging with weekly Bingo taking place at 9:00 p.m. every Sunday.

Booking Schedule

If you would like to enquire about the use of our Hall please contact the Parish Office on 071 9162670 or email gilloolyhall@sligocathedral.ie