Easter Message from Bishop Kevin

The last few months have been unusually wet and cold but, beneath the cold earth, nature has been preparing, as it always does, for the wonderful outpouring of new life that comes with the Spring. There is a mystery in this gift of life, which is bigger than any of us. It was going on before we arrived and it will continue long after we are gone.

I can only imagine what it must like to die. There is no rehearsal for it, except life itself. We have our winter moments when everything seems to conspire against us. But “hope springs eternal in the human breast”. Unlike the rest of created nature we have in us the capacity to see life as the gift of a loving creator. This is what allows us, even in our own personal winter, to look forward with confidence to the spring-time of the Resurrection.

As Christians, we are Easter people. Easter is not just a day or a week; it is a way of life. May the Spirit of Jesus who is risen, fill us with a deep sense of gratitude and reverence for the gift of life.

Bishop Christy asks me to say how grateful he is to all the many people who are keeping him in prayer. He says: “none of those prayers are going to waste”.

† Kevin Doran
Bishop of Elphin
March 2018