Pastoral Council Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council of the

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo

November 8, 2018


Fr Declan Boyce                      Fr Victor Samugana                Fr Yashin Jos

Dermot Layden                       Pauline Cushman                    Donal Lyons

Francie Cadden                       Crispin Andaya                        Margaret Prior



Maire Finan                            Sister Ellvira                            Grainne Kelly


  1. The Minutes of the last meeting of October 11, 2018 were read. They were proposed by Donal Lyons and seconded by Margaret Prior.


  1. Matters Arising: A lot has happened during the year; the full list compiled by Colette Furlong at the last meeting is to be distributed.


  1. Upcoming Diary:


17/11/18 – Evening for Readers in Mullaghmore; also a Mission in St Anne’s.

8/12/18 – the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – the Christmas Fair will be held on this day.  This is a Parish-building event as well as a fund-raiser.

14/12/18  – Friday night, 7.30pm, cleaning of the Cathedral, a repeat of the 2017 effort by PPC members and Parishioners.

16/12/18 –  Lectio Divina in St Bernadette’s on Friday nights at 8pm – Dermot and Francie will attend to see if there is something in St Bernadette’s the PPC can build on.

18/12/18 – Reconciliation Service in the Friary at 7.30pm

23/12/18 – (Sunday before Christmas) – Carol Service in the Cathedral.


Is there a need for a PPC Initiative? – there is a lot going on already, including:

On Monday nights the Way of Gentleness in Strandhill Church,

On Tuesday nights in the Friary for 20 weeks, the Soul Food Bible Course in the Friary,

On Sundays in November the Cemetery Rosary,

On Tuesdays the Prayer Group in St Michael’s,

On Wednesdays the Charismatic Prayer Group in the Gillooly Hall, and the Alpha Programme.


  1. Dermot Layden:

Catechism Beyond Reasonable Doubt is to go ahead, possibly on Tuesday nights.

There was a long discussion about the logistics of presenting this in either the Sacristy or GiIlooly Hall, and whether online with a laptop computer of by burning it onto a disc.

Dermot’s books can be googled.


  1. Baby, Mother and Father Group – Wednesdays from 11.15am to 12.15pm.

The message is ‘the Cathedral is a child-friendly place’. 

Evangelisation needs to start when a baby is born.  Many mothers in Sligo are far from their own families.   The Group is for Babies, but not for toddlers, and will be advertised at the Baptismal Programme.  It will consist of prayer, tea, pampering of mother and baby, the Gospel of the following Sunday, reflection and prayer, followed by the invitation “I’ll see you on Sunday”.  It will run on Wednesdays from 11.15am to 12.15pm for a year, facilitated by Margaret McKeever and other Volunteers.


  1. Resignation of Anthony Ruddy:

Anthony’s gracious letter of resignation was read and Francie will write to thank him for his sincere service.


  1. Filling of vacancy created by Anthony’s resignation;

It would be desirable to procure someone young, free and single.  A possible replacement, who is also a Eucharistic Minister, was discussed and is to be invited by Francie and Margaret with Fr Declan as back-up if necessary.

This naturally led to a discussion of:


  1. ‘We’ – should the Laity or Clergy invite and /or consult the people?


  1. Report from Cluster:

The following were reported on briefly:  The PDR Day, the Alpha Programme, the Sacrament of marriage for those in civil marriages – a Canon Lawyer will be available;

Dialogue between the secondary schools and the Priests,

Reconciliation Service, Cemetery Sunday, Youth Synod,

The Bridge Programme in Lent 2019 with Fr Michael Drumm,

Parish Catechists and the need for new Pioneers.


  1. AOB:

Ceremonies to mark the Centenary of the end of WWI at the Cenotaph Memorial on Saturday 10/11/18 including the turning of a sod for a monument containing the 600+ names of Sligo people involved in the conflict, and on the following day Sunday Nov 11, Church bells will ring at 11.11am.


On 25/11/18, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal will be present.


Also, Dermot’s two books and Monsignor Dolan’s Critique of same can be read free online.  Dermot previously sent 10 complimentary copies to each Diocese.


Finally, books of tickets for the up-coming raffle at the Sligo Cathedral Parish Christmas Fair on Saturday 8/12/18 were distributed to PPC members, to sell.

The Fair will take place from 11am to 5pm in the Gillooly Hall.


  1. Next PPC Meeting: Thursday, 13/12/18 at 8pm in St Mary’s.




Pauline Cushman, Secretary




Francie Cadden, Chairperson.



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council of the

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo

October 11, 2018


Fr Declan Boyce                      Fr Victor Samugana                Fr Yashin Jos

Sr Elvira Rosel                         Dermot Layden                       Pauline Cushman

Maire Finan                            Donal Lyons                             Francie Cadden

Colette Furlong



Crispin Andaya                        Grainne Kelly              Margaret Prior


  1. The Minutes of the last meeting of September 13, 2018 were read. They were proposed by Maire Finan and seconded by Dermot Layden.


  1. Matters Arising:


The John St steps have been power-washed, at a cost of €200.

A second camera has been fixed in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Volunteers are welcome for re-painting of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, during the Christmas period.

This is the second meeting Anthony Ruddy has missed – one is allowed to miss three.


  1. Colette Furlong reviewed the progress of the PPC during the preceding year, with a very positive outcome. Much has been achieved, especially around the World Meeting of Families which occurred during the summer.

Everyone was most appreciative of the great contributions of our three priests Fr Declan, Fr Yashin and Fr Victor.

There is much to build on, and a lot to do.


  1. Dermot Layden promoted ‘Catechism Beyond Reasonable Doubt’. Fr Declan, Francie and Pauline are to see if it is for inclusion.


  1. We were encouraged to read ‘Gaudete et Exultate’ by Pope Francis.


  1. There was intense discussion on the theme of ‘We need to ask the people……’ would they like to participate in / enjoy various projects: does the ‘we’ refer to Lay people or to the Priests?  Who is to consult the people?  Fr Declan argued passionately that we, the Laity should be approaching Parishioners; Francie felt that people expect, and respond to, approaches from Priests.

This is for further discussion at the next PPC Meeting.


  1. The next PPC Meeting will take place on Thursday November 8, 2018.




Pauline Cushman, Secretary




Francie Cadden, Chairperson.


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council of the

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo

September 13, 2018



Fr Declan Boyce                      Fr Victor Samugana                Fr Yashin Jos

Crispin Andaya                        Sr Elvira Rosel                         Dermot Layden

Margaret Prior                       Grainne Kelly                          Pauline Cushman



Maire Finan                            Francie Cadden


  1. The Minutes of the last meeting of June 14, 2018 were read. They were proposed by Dermot Layden and seconded by Margaret Prior.


  1. Matters Arising: a) Fr Declan commended Francie Cadden for his planting and maintenance of flowers in the Cathedral grounds. b) Fr Declan reiterated that the Nursing Home initiative is not applicable to us, as Nazareth House, the Nursing Home of the Parish, Has a Chaplain. c) He also said that there has been a good response to the Cathedral Refurbishment Fund.


  1. World Meeting of Families (WMOF) Review: a) Dermot Layden attended all the Dublin events and found them a great success. Adverse publicity regarding the amount of walking required, and poor logistics of transportation contributed to a reduced attendance at the Papal Mass.  Dermot especially recommended Bishop Robt Barron on the Gospel of the Family, and a Filipino Bishop on the Throw-away Culture.

It is recommended that everyone logs into www.WMOF-papaltextsandhomilies.

b) Fr Yashin supplied an admirable document summarising his journey of heading the WMOF Subcommittee, which everyone agreed he did magnificently:

He paid tribute to Fr Declan’s constant encouragement and wisdom and Fr Victor’s help and brotherly assistance.   Six PPC members were part of the sub-committee:  Grainne (Secretary), Margaret, Dermot, Grainne, Sr Emma, Donal and Fr Yashin.  Sheena Darcy was the Official Elphin Diocesan delegate to the WMOF.

c) Fr Yashin’s Document listed for discussion the Sub-Committee’s WMOF Initiatives, which included:

The WMOF Icon, distributed at Christmas Day Masses;

A Petition Box and the petitions were prayed for by the MC Sisters;

A Family Retreat by “Living Family”, a lay group;

Daily recitation of the WMOF Family Prayer at Masses;

A WMOF Sacred Space;

Different families bringing up the Gifts at Sunday 12 Noon Mass;

A dedicated section in the Parish Newsletter;

Constant communication with Sheena Darcy the Official Diocesan Delegate;

Inclusion of the Icon in the Christmas Crib;

The Amoris Cubes given to the First Holy Communion children;

Valentine’s Day Cards and Gift Tokens based on ‘The Joy of Love’ by Pope Francis;

‘God is Family, so are we’ window and car bumper stickers on St Patrick’s Day;

Frs Ml Drum and Ml Duignan and Colette Furlong trained Clare Devaney, Mary Lyons, Marian Roycroft and Patricia McCaffrey to facilitate 3 Amoris Laetitia presentations;

Washing of the feet of 6 married couples of diverse nationalities at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, with different families for the Readings, Prayers of the Faithful and Offertory;

Attendance of Fr Yashin, Fr Ml Duignan and Organist Charles O’Connor representing Elphin Diocese at a Liturgy Workshop;

A Cathedral Family Tree for Family Intentions;

Attendance of the Official WMOF Icon in the Cathedral for 4 days in May 2018 with associated ceremonies;

A joint Mass for the 3 secondary schools of the Parish;

On August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, the relics of Ss Louis and Zelie Martin and their daughter St Therese of Lisieux arrived in the Cathedral, greeted by Bishop Kevin and 8 Knights of Columbanus; there was a rota for veneration;

WMOF Opening Liturgy on August 21, Bishop Kevin presiding and Bishop Ferran Glenfield of the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh as Homilist;

Buses to Knock and Phoenix Park on August 26 thanks to Dermot and Fiona;

Cathedral volunteers in Dublin;

and especially the major input by Colette Furlong in the Papal Mass, Jiji with an Indian Prayer of Intercession and some Choir members in the singing.


In a discussion, it was decided to continue the 3-school Mass, a rota of diverse families to bring up the Gifts following advertising in the Bulletin, and the Tree – Fr Victor felt tree ribbons were better than writing.


The Amoris programme was poorly-attended and it was agreed that people like to be asked and will respond to a one-to-one invitation.

Fr Declan suggested we study Fr Yashin’s document and see what to build on.



  1. PDR Meeting 13/10/18:

Dermot and Pauline will attend.  This may be of interest to the Good Shepherd Group (Maura Garvey) and those in charge of the Children’s Liturgy and Pauline is to write to them to invite.


Also offered by Justin is a DVD on Adult Religious Education Resources for Use with Family & Friends – comprising 13 sessions, just requiring a TV and DVD player.

It was decided to hold these over 4 weeks in February 2019 in St Mary’s, with Frs Declan, Yashin and Victor for back-up.  For further discussion in the November meeting.



  1. Cluster Meeting:

Margaret and Grainne will continue to participate with the Cluster with Dermot as a Sub.



  1. Consideration of having a Mission in the Cathedral 2018 or 2019, independently of the Cluster:

Fr Yashin felt the possible speakers could encourage parish identity and ownership.

In reply to Grainne’s wish for a musical group, Fr Declan suggested Elation Ministries.



  1. October PPC Meeting, featuring Colette Furlong to review progress:

To review and see where are we now?



  1. AOB:

Grainne suggested the John St. steps of the Cathedral are a slip hazard and need power-washing, and daffodil bulb planting after 10.30am Mass at 11 o’clock on 20/10/18.  There will be an appeal to bring bulbs.


Dermot recommended a book relevant to the PDR meeting:  ‘Divine Renovation.  From a Maintenance to a Mission Parish’ by Fr James Mallon, reviewed by Fr John Cullen:  we should welcome all who knock – and the Cornerstone supplement in the Irish Catholic.


Fr Declan announced a second camera for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for home viewing of Exposition, and possibly a microphone as well during prayer times.  The camera would focus all day on the Monstrance, without including people. 


An Introduction to Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer for people to do at home, possibly during Advent, was discussed:  Fr Victor explained that it takes 15 minutes, and is based on the Psalms and is a monastic tradition, Margaret suggested she prefers Daily Meditations.



Grainne Cawley kindly chaired the meeting as Francie Cadden is away.



Next Meeting:  Thursday October 11, 2018.



____________________________                        _____________________________

Pauline Cushman, Secretary                                    Grainne Cawley, acting Chairperson

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