Pastoral Council Minutes

Minutes of the Cathedral Pastoral Council Meeting, Wednesday 10th May 2017


Ursula Dunphy                                   Francis Cadden                                     Dermot Layden

Anthony Ruddy                                 Patricia Mulligan                                   Margaret Prior

Grainne Kelly                                    Barry MacMahon                                  Fr. Declan Boyce

Fina Golden                                      Canon Thomas Hever                           Fr. Julian Lupot

Colette Divers                                  Bill Fox                                                     Rod Scott

Vita Forde –Monaghan


Sr. Emma                                         Sr. Elvira                                                    Patricia McCaffrey

Donal Lyons                                    Pauline Cushman


Evening Prayer of the Church was led by Bill Fox.

Minutes of the April PPC meeting were read and adapted on the proposal of Francis Cadden and seconded by Patricia Mulligan.

Report from Cluster and Cluster Questionnaire

Colette Furlong will work with the Parents of third and fourth class students in the Primary Schools with the “Grow in Love” programme. It will open an avenue to engage Parents to develop their own faith and their families faith. It is a difficult issue but hopefully families will become engaged in their faith especially when exercises from the “Grow in love” programme will be carried out at home involving all the family. We will role out this programme with First Year students and their families, to try and keep faith involved in their family life.

A Questionnaire regarding the Cluster was put to members of the PPC. There were certain questions such as:

  • Is the PPC adequately represented on the Cluster?
  • Highlights/ Success of working together as a Cluster
  • Do you know the Clusters function/ know how Cluster works?

Overall the response from the PPC was positive. Some members weren’t quite clear on the role and function of the Cluster and this was explained as best possible. Parishioners have different introduction to the Cluster on their life circumstances.



Lent/Easter Celebrations

A sincere thanks to everyone that was involved in the Easter Celebrations. Good crowds were attended Parishioners over the Easter celebrations. The Easter Masses did us all proud, and the co-operation, joy and willingness of Parishioners to be involved. We celebrated Easter well and it was great to share that celebration nationwide and European wide. Kairos were very pleased as well. We did what we always do for Easter celebrations and it was great to be able to share it with numerous people. There was a very positive feedback in having the Altar of Repose in the Blessed Sacrament  and we hope to have it there from now on.

Enhancing the experience of our Sunday Celebrations

There will be training for Ministers of the Word in September. There is a Welcoming Committee at the Weekend Masses which consists of members of the PPC. There has been a positive response and it is good to be there to welcome Parishioners to the Cathedral.

Youth Report

All JP11 Awards are on-going in the different Schools within the Parish. The team will be finishing for the Summer.

Child Protection

Mary Nicholson is the new Child Protection Officer for the Diocese. All volunteers have been revetted and there has been a good response.

Dermot Layden

Dermot Layden will hold a Cathechetical Programme Instruction on Faith in the Autumn. It will be Adult based.  There will be five different topics in the programme which will include

  • Evidence that there is a God
  • Understanding faith and the four pillars of that faith
  • Mass and the Eucharistic Miracles
  • Introduction to understanding, meaning to Scripture
  • Introduction of YOUCAT.

 It will be held on Tuesdays in October 4th, 10th, 17th and 24th between 7.30pm and 9pm. Dermot will also publish a booklet on the Programme there after.


  • There is a meeting of the Sligo Deanery of PPC’s on May 22nd between 8 and 9.15pm in Summerhill College.
  • There is a prayer initiative happening for Vocations on the 13h of every month.
  • The Knights of Columbanus have produced prayer book for First Holy Communion.
  • Cemetary Sunday will take place on September 10th.
  • Corpus Christi is on Sunday June 18th. Sunday evening Mass will be celebrated at 6.30pm. The procession will take the usual route around the town.

The next PPC meeting will take place on June 14th at 8pm.


________________________                                                                  __________________________

Chairperson                                                                                                    Secretary


________________________                                                                 __________________________

Proposed                                                                                                        Seconded


Date ——————————



Minutes of the Cathedral Pastoral Council Meeting, Wednesday 5th April 2017


Bill Fox                                                Maire Finan                             Colette Divers

Fina Golden                                      Canon Thomas Hever            Margaret Prior

Dermot Layden                                Donal Lyons                             Grainne Kelly

Pauline Cushman                            Sr. Emma                                  Sr. Elvira

Patricia McCaffrey                         Barry MacMahon                    Patricia Mulligan

Crispin Andaya                               Francis Cadden                        Fr. Declan Boyce

Donal Lyons                                    Vita Forde – Monaghan                                    




Evening Prayer of the Church was led by Sr. Emma.

Minutes of the March PPC meeting were read and adapted on the proposal of Bill Fox and seconded by Colette Divers

Report from Cluster

  • Colette Furlong has drawn up a poster of prayers and ideas to assist families and Children of First Holy Communion to grow in their Faith on the way to First Holy Communion.
  • Niall is developing a Prayer for the Children of Tuam.
  • For the week of volunteering it was suggested that we could have a stand/board erected in the Gilloolly Hall. Parishoners could put posties on the board in what they would be interested in volunteering for. There could be a Mass to celebrate all volunteers who are on the board. It would be a visual. Everyone could see how much volunteering is going on in the Parish.
  • The Cluster will provide a Prayer card for “Gathering of Families” in 2018.


  • Thanks was expressed to all who co-ordinated the Lenten reflections in the Cathedral. It was suggested that Parishoners could be involved more and perhaps to have an emphasis on more music, as Parishoners found the silence too long. Overall there was a positive feedback as it was a believing Community leading a Parish in Prayer and Parishoners were willing to get involved.
  • Parishoners will gather outside for the start of Palm Sunday weather permitting. There will be a new Children’s Choir launched at the 10.30am Mass on Palm Sunday.
  • After the Chrism Mass there will be Tea and Food in the Gilloolly Hall afterwards.
  • On Good Friday a section of the car park will be sectioned off. After Morning Prayer the car park will be closed and re-open for Parishoners attending the Lord’s Passion.
  • Altar of Repose this year will be held in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.
  • There will be televised Masses for the Easter Vigil and Easter morning Mass. All Parishoners and families are encouraged to attend these Masses.

Discussion on Kerry Document

  • The Constitution is a present reality of the Parish.
  • Physical conditions – there are some issues in the Cathedral with Sound, in particular the microphones. It was suggested that there could be Training for Ministers of the Word which could possibly take place in September. This would be an action plan from the document that we could implement.
  • Toilets – there is an issue with having just one toilet.
  • Car Park, Heating, Seating are all fine.
  • Sense of Welcome – there is a great sense of welcome when you enter the Cathedral before the 12noon and Sunday Evening Masses.It was suggested to set up a rota for a Welcoming Committee between now and end of June that could welcome Parishoners in the Cathedral for the Saturday Vigil and early Sunday Morning Masses. Members of the PPC have volunteered to be on this committee.

Youth Report

It was the tenth Anniversary of the JP11 Awards and Mass was Celebrated  by Bishop Donal McKeon. The JP11 Awards are on-going in the Schools.

Dermot Layden

Dermot Layden would like to set up a programme for Children and their parents after the Sacraments are received. It would be to build up their faith and to keep them interested on a faith based level in their local Church and Community. It could start at a local level and build it up afterwards. The real target of this programme is the Parents of these Children. Perhaps to bring the Parents of First Holy Communion and Confirmation together and to give these Parents a course on faith. It was suggested that it could be tied in with Elaine Mahon and Barbara Cahill that give talks to the parents of Sacramental Children. It was also suggested that this Programme could be aimed at Parents of Children from Junior Infants to sixth Class. There would be about four lectures. A lot of research and thought would go into these programmes and it could be combined with another programme on Cathechetical instruction on an Adult perspective.


Sympathy was expressed to the family of Betty Comisky who was our Sacristan for over thirty years in the Cathedral. She was such an integral part of the Cathedral and it was so important in her own life. She was sorely missed by Priests and Parishoners alike.

The next PPC meeting will be Wednesday 10th May at 8pm.



__________________                                                                     _______________________

Chairperson                                                                                         Secretary


_________________                                                                       _______________________

Proposed                                                                                               Seconded




Minutes of the Cathedral Pastoral Council Meeting, Wednesday 8th March 2017


Francis Cadden                                  Patricia McCaffrey                          Maire Finan

Fina Golden                                       Sr. Elvira                                            Sr. Emma

Patricia Mulligan                              Margaret Prior                                 Dermot Layden

Donal Lyons                                      Colette Divers                                  Bill Fox

Fr. Declan Boyce                              Pauline Cushman                            Ursula Dunphy

Canon Thomas Hever                     Anthony Ruddy                             Crispin Andaya

Vita Forde – Monaghan


John Martin                                     Barry MacMahon                            Grainne Kelly


Evening Prayer of the Church was led by Sr. Emma.

The Minutes of the March Pastoral Council meeting were read and adapted on the proposal of Ursula Dunphy and seconded by Francis Cadden.

Report from Cluster

  • A good meeting was had by the Cluster. As Sligo is the European City for Volunteering, it was discussed what could be done in the Cluster during National Volunteering Week, which takes place between 15th – 21st Fr. Pat Lombard, Dean Arfon Williams and Rev. Alan Mitchell are planning an ecumenical gathering to mark the event between them.
  • The recent sad events in Tuam were discussed and how the Church would respond to the issue. It was decided that the Church would wait and see until all angles have being investigated. It will be mentioned at all Sunday Masses this weekend, in the Prayers of the Faithful.
  • A new Prior has been appointed to the Friary.
  • The Reconciliation service will take place on Monday 10th April at 7.30pm for Lent in the Friary led by Fr. Christopher McCrann. A good attendance is encouraged.
  • There will be a Lenten Poster of all events that are happening in the different Churches in the Cluster over Lent and Easter.


  • The Lenten Reflections P.S. I LOVE YOU have started in the Cathedral after the Saturday evening Vigil Mass. There were seventeen people at the first reflection. It is new in every way and will develop over the weeks, and the numbers will increase as well. A Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima will visit Sligo Cathedral to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. It will arrive at 6pm on Saturday 18th March with Mass at 7.30pm. The Cathedral will remain open until midnight and the visit ends after 12noon Mass on Sunday 19th
  • The Easter ceremonies will be broadcast by Rte/Kairos. The Easter vigil for Rte will be celebrated at 11pm and the Easter morning Mass will be celebrated at 10am for Kairos. Parishioners are encouraged to attend these Masses. Rehearsals for the Easter Vigil on Saturday 15th April and Easter Sunday Morning Mass will be at 3pm and 6pm.
  • Chrism Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday 12th April at 7.30pm.
  • Stations of the Cross are going well and the Scripture Meetings/Readings are going very well every Tuesday evening at 8pm.
  • There will be a Divine Mercy Celebration in the Cathedral on Sunday 23rd April between 3 and 4pm.
  • This year the Holy Hour at the Altar of Repose at 11pm to midnight in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.
  • There will be Silent Adoration from Midnight to 8am on Good Friday.

Review of PPC Constitution

There was a discussion on the Kerry Diocese Parish Council agenda items. Eight different topics were highlighted. It may be a help and relevant to our own PPC. To make the Saturday/Sunday morning Eucharistic more meaningful. This produced a reflective document. Sligo PPC was the first Parish council to have Evening Prayer of the Church included in their meetings. At the next meeting the PPC will discuss enhancing the experience of Saturday evening/Sunday morning Mass. We need to read and reflect on this document and it will be discussed again at the April meeting. We will also come back to it at different times throughout the year.


Child Protection

Vetting is being updated. A number of requests have been sent out and responses are coming back for parishioners involved with the Youth.

Youth Report

The JP11 Awards are on-going. There were about fifty Youth Parishioners gathered after the Sunday Masses involving the Youth. It has developed over the last few weeks.


Thanks was expressed to everyone involved in World day of the Sick Mass. Thanks was also expressed to Sr. Emma and Sr. Elvira and the kitchen staff for all their help after the Mass. Thanks was expressed to P.J. Keane who organized the concert in the Gilloolly Hall.

Dermot Layden brought up the discussion on how we could involve Children in their faith after their Sacraments. We could perhaps bring this issue in with the Kerry document

  • Programmes to keep Adolescents involved after their Sacraments
  • Volunteering needed
  • Run a programme.

There was an in-depth discussion about this and how we could keep Adolescents involved more in their faith and getting Youth back into the Church. We will discuss this again next month. It was suggested about bringing a Secondary School Student into a PPC meeting and this could be very informative.




The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on April 5th at 8pm.


____________________                                                                  _________________________

Chairperson                                                                                            Secretary


_________________                                                                   ______________________

Proposed                                                                                        Seconded





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