Pastoral Council Minutes





Fr Declan Boyce                                                Fr Yashin Jos                                     Fr Victor Samugana

Francie Cadden                                                 Grrainne Kelly                                   Maire Finan

Dermot Layden                                                 Margaret Prior                                  Pauline Cushman



Sr Elvira                                                                Sr Emma                                              Crispin Andaya

Donal Lyons


  1. The Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed. Reading of the full Minutes was dispensed with, to allow for a short meeting, and the headings were read instead.

The Minutes were proposed by Grainne Kelly and seconded by Maire Finan.


  1. The report from the Sub-Committee on the World Meeting of Families was given by Fr Yashin:

-The Icon of the Holy Family will be distributed by Volunteers at the Christmas Day Masses.

-Parishioners are exhorted to attend a Family Retreat on 06/01/18 in Sumerhill College.

-Inclusion of the official prayer of the WMOF at daily Masses was considered.

-The Parish Newsletter and ‘The Angelus’ will have a section dedicated to the WMOF.

-Parish communications to the WMOF must be via the Bishop and the official Diocesan Delegate.

-On 21/08/18, the official National opening of the WMOF will be replicated simultaneously in all Irish Dioceses.  Bishop Kevin will announce our Cathedral event.

-‘Amoris Laetitia’ will be further elucidated by a team of Facilitators trained by Frs Michael Drumm and Michael Duignan, probably during Lent.

– The next meeting of the Sub-Committee will occur in February 2018.


  1. Christmas Programme:

Following the Carol Service at 8.15pm on 17/01/17, light refreshments will be served to the Choir, Readers and PPC in the Upper Room of the Cathedral.

Fr Declan has procured beautiful mini-Cribs to be given to each child at the Children’s Party on 17/12/17 at 2pm in the Gillooly Hall.

Fr Declan also has had an attractive Prayer Card with Christmas Mass times printed.

The Christmas Vigil Mass will be at 10pm on 24/12/17.


  1. PPC Action:

The recent very successful Cathedral clean-up will be repeated in Lent.


  1. Report from Cluster:

The proposed get-together for Confirmation children and their families is now going to be restricted to a few schools at a time.


  1. AOB:

Fr Declan will bring Garda Vetting Forms to the next PPC meeting.

Available passport-sized photos of PPC members were collected.  The purpose of these is to increase communication, feedback and PPC promotion.

Patricia McCaffrey is requesting help for the Christmas Party for those living alone.


  1. The next PPC meeting will take place on Thursday, 11/01/18.



Pauline Cushman, Secretary.






Donal Lyons                                                        Maura Finan                                                       Dermot Layden

Fr Declan Boyce                                                                Fr Yashin Jos                                                       Fr Victor Samugana

Sr Emma Dublan                                               Francis Cadden                                                 Crispin Andaya

Margaret Prior                                                  Grainne Kelly                                                     Pauline Cushman


The Minutes of the Meeting of 30/10/17 were read;  corrections were noted regarding Crispin Andaya actually being present at that meeting, while Margaret Prior was not.  Crispin provided his proper email address.

The minutes were proposed by Sr Emma and seconded by Grainne Kelly.

  1. Thanks to former members: The contribution and dedication of the recently-retired members were acknowledged.  It was confirmed that the Term of Office for Officers is 2 years.  This is to be reinforced by Colette Furlong at the October 2018 meeting.

Fr Declan reported that Ursula Dunphy had been very disappointed at having to step down, while John Martin was pleased:  John Martin also volunteered to be part of any sub-committee.


  1. Promotion of the PPC: All agreed to each bring to the next meeting,  a passport photo of themselves for the Cathedral Noticeboard and website. 

Fr Declan Is to bring Garda Vetting papers to the next meeting.


  1. Year of the Family: It was decided to set up a sub-committee composed of PPC members and Parishioners to filter national information to provide what is relevant to the PPC.  Fr Yashin has agreed to chair it, and he will decide on when the Core Group meets.

Grainne Kelly, Donal Lyons, Margaret Prior and John Martin are willing to co-operate with him on it (Donal later in the year.)   Donal suggested a letter be circulated to invite participants.

 It was established that Tom English is the National Supervisor for the YOF.

Francis Brennan is the National Coordinator, organising volunteers.

Grainne and Dermot gave an update on the Boyle Workshop on the YOF. 

Grainne expressed great interest in the products for children for the YOF which were exhibited.

Dermot noted that when communicating with the Government, it would be better to speak of the family in terms of culture and sociology rather than in faith mode.

He also reported that ther will be a slot for Fr Flanagan in the official programme for the YOF in which the Pope may announce he is to be elevated to ‘Venerable’.

Gospel for Life;  There was a discussion regarding holding this event in Advent or Lent.  It was felt that Lent was preferable.


  1. PPC Action: Fr Declan advised that no-one has responsibility for cleaning the Cathedral – the Altar Society only takes care of the flowers and candle-stands.

He proposed a monthly cleaning evening from 7.30 to 9pm, by the PPC and Congregation.

This will commence on December first and will be advertised in the Bulletin.  No manual handling will be involved, just sweeping, dusting and polishing.  People should bring their own Hoover, cloths and polish, rubber gloves and brush, and most importantly, themselves.

The non-essential items currently behind the Altar will be removed.


Baptisms:  These occur on the first 3 Sundays of the month.  Mary Meehan, from the Baptismal Team, meets and greets the families and directs them to the bathroom and the area for the baby, in the Sacristy.  Fr Declan proposed that a PPC member, or a member of the Congregation who would be interested in this type of Ministry, join her in shepherding the families.  Pauline Cushman did this on the previous Sunday and reported that it would indeed be preferable for 2 people to participate. 

There was a discussion regarding possibly congregating all the babies on one Sunday which Margaret Prior and Maura Finan favoured,   whild Grainne Kelly said no, this would put families off receiving Baptism.


Francis Cadden proposed that a Suggestion Box be placed in the Cathedral and in the PPC.

He will provide the boxes and a notice will be placed in the Bulletin.


Posters were distributed regarding a Christmas Fair to be held in the GIllooly Hall on Saturday December 9, from 2 to 6pm.


Fr Declan is going to provide a Folder for each member of the PPC.



  1. Confirmation and there was a mixed response.

There was very positive feedback regarding the Evening for Eucharistic Ministers and Readers.

Justin Harkin reported on the Youth Survey which revealed that Church is irrelevant to them.  A sub-committee was formed, to report in December.

The Reconciliation Service will be held in the Friary on December 18 starting at 7.30pm, featuring Fr Drumm and connecting the Crib to the YOF.

The Cluster is 10 years in existence and the next meeting is on December 5.



  1. AOB: Pauline Cushman reported that she had to resign from the post of Secretary and from the PPC due to work commitments on Wednesdays.  No-one else was willing to take up the post and a Rotating Secretary was discussed.  Fr Yashin stated that this would be unworkable.   So, it was decided to change the day of the PPC Meeting to Thursday and Pauline agreed to Continue as Secretary.


An Evening for Readers by Colette Furlong will take place this week, and one for existing and new Eucharistic Ministers will occur on November 21, in the GIllooly Hall.


The next PPC Meeting will take place on Thursday December 14, at 8pm in St Mary’s.





______________________________                                  ————————————————-


Chairperson                                                                              Secretary





_______________________________                                ______________________________


Proposed                                                                                   Seconded










Additional Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo, 18/10/17.


Fr Declan informed us that, according to Canon Law, a new Parish Priest is required to convene a new Parish Pastoral Council.

Colette Furlong informed us that, according to the Constitution for the Parish Pastoral Councils of the Diocese of Elphin, the maximum membership time allowed is 8 consecutive years, and she invited people whose term had exceeded this to step down.

The following long-standing, excellent and dedicated members retired:

                Fina Golden (Chairperson)

                Vita Forde-Monaghan (Secretary)

                Bill Fox

                Patricia McCaffrey

                Johnny Martin

                Barry McMahon

                Colette Divers

                Patricia Mulligan.

Fr Declan said he would visit Ursula Dunphy at home to tell her of the changes and invite her retirement.

These are all valued members who have worked very hard over the years, and they voiced much appreciation for having served, and great regret at leaving.

Those remaining echoed this regret, and all were shocked at the exodus.

It was suggested by many to invite the Retirees back onto the Council when a year had passed.

Colette Furlong read Bishop Kevin’s thanks to those who serve on the PPC.

Fr Declan thanked all.


Those not retiring were invited to volunteer for the posts of Chairperson and Secretary:

 Francis Cadden volunteered to be Chairperson, and Pauline Cushman volunteered to be Secretary.

The new PPC is composed of:


                Name:                                                  Phone:                                 email:


                Crispin Andaya                                  087-3873925             

                Francis Cadden                                 086-2468585             

                Pauline Cushman                             087-7834142             

                Sr Emma Dublan P.M.                                                          

                Maura Finan                                       087-9977476             

                Fr Yashin Jos                                       071-9162670             

                Grainne Kelly                                     086-3447755             

                Dermot Layden                                 071-9160162             

                Donal Lyons                                        071-9147825             

                Margaret Prior                                                                        

                Sr. Elvira Rosel P.M.                                                              

                Fr. Victor Samugana                        071-9162670             

                Anthony Ruddy                                086-0210540             

                Fr Declan Boyce SPS                        071-9162670             


Fr Declan, Francis and Pauline will meet on 30/10/17 to set the agenda for the next meeting of

Nov 8, 2017.


Signed: _______________________________________ Pauline Cushman,  Secretary.

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